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our Story

BMPROF, a Kiwi-based business nestled in the heart of the 'City of Sails' (Auckland, New Zealand), officially incorporated in 2022. Founded by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs with advanced expertise in business strategic planning, operations deployment, and a wealth of experience spanning multiple sectors. Our dynamic team of experts remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving business and entrepreneurial landscape, placing a strong emphasis on technology and the global online business arena.

BMPROF is dedicated to actively contributing to the continuous development and progress of the local economy. We achieve this by offering a diverse range of professional services tailored to our marketplace. Specializing in Professional Commercial and Technical Services, our primary focus is on serving Small/Medium Companies, Professionals & Sole Traders, providing them with the ultimate business experience.

Recognized as the Partner of Choice, BMPROF brings over a decade of concentrated business and technical expertise to the table. We take pride in our commitment to delivering unparalleled support, collaboration, and a scope of work that aligns seamlessly with the needs of our clients in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Our Vision

Empowering Small/Medium Companies, Professionals & Sole Traders as the central hub for Advisory, Consultation, Training, & Back-Office support services across diverse industries and service sectors.

Our Mission

To assess, investigate, design, and execute professional services & solutions tailored for Small/Medium Companies, Professionals & Sole Traders across diverse industries and service sectors.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to contributing to the local economy by supporting Small/Medium Companies, Professionals & Sole Traders. Our focus is on maximizing return on investment, enhancing profitability and efficiency, and delivering the highest quality of services desired by our customers.

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